About us

Our academy was founded with the aim of not only teaching the art & skills of kickboxing but also to pass on its history, traditions and core values with our students.

We are a club that strives to support all our students to allow them to progress and achieve whatever their aspirational goals are and aim to do so in a professional and pleasant environment.


The Clubs History

Hereford Kickboxing Academy (HKA) was founded in March 2011 by Chief Instructor Leigh Preece (4th Degree Black Belt).

Formally known as Korean Kickboxing Association of England (KKAE) the club follows a freestyle Korean Kickboxing syllabus that covers many areas including Padwork, Fitness, Self Defence, Weapons training and Sparring. Students are actively encouraged to specialise in any of these areas or work through the system at their own speed. There is something here for everyone.

Korean Kickboxing originates from Tae Kwon Do however students wanted more fitness, pad work and sparring with less emphasis on patterns. Following its original formation in 2003 the club quickly grew in numbers and popularity with students competiting in National and European competitions.


For children our classes are aimed at being a blend of fun tempered with discipline. Not only do we teach the technique, pad work and sparring we teach "anger management" and "non-violent conflict resolution", while developing vital skills of "concentration" and "focus" as well as building "confidence" and "self esteem". Our classes improve attention span and deportment and promote anti- bullying.

Both adults & beginners train alongside the advanced students thereby providing encouragement and something for students to aspire to. For those that want to keep fit but follow a syllabus there is a belt system from beginner to Dan grade. Grading are held 3 to 4 times per year includes many kicking and punching routines/combinations, patterns, weapons training and Korean theory. These are assessed by a grading panel consisting of the clubs black belt's.

Some of our students prefer to attend just to keep fit and socialise, therefore classes are tailored for every individual allowing you to get the maximum out of your session.